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How to Apply

To apply for WCDC, please first check our availability for your child's age group. To do this, please call: (510) 748-4001. You may be placed on a "Waiting List" if there are no openings in your child's age group.

When we have an opening in your child’s age group, you will be notified by the Center. If you are still interested in enrolling and qualify for the program, we will schedule an intake interview. You must bring the following items with you to the intake:

  1. Two (2) proofs of Alameda residency or Homeless status;
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate;
  3. Child’s Immunization Record;
  4. (a) CPS documentation (if applicable) - OR
    (b) Income verification = two consecutive month’s paycheck stubs and/or TANF verification.
  5. (a) Employment verification – AND/OR
    (b) School and /or Training schedule (if applicable);
  6. Child’s Physical Exam and negative TB test
  7. Foster care alone does not qualify as a need for services.

-Foster parent(s) must meet established need criteria.
If you do not have any of the above items, the intake cannot take place.


Alameda Unified School District and Woodstock Child Development Center complies with the American Disabilities Act; and welcome children and families with disabilities. The program does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability, in determining which children are served.
Woodstock Child Development Center and the Alameda School District maintains a strict policy prohibiting discrimination and differentiated treatment of students because all such discrimination is unlawful and not in keeping with our culture or philosophy.


To enter your child into a program at Woodstock Child Development Center a parent or legal guardian must first place the child’s name on our wait list. The wait list prioritization is stated below:

Child Development Program - General

To be eligible for the regular pre-school program, the child’s parents or legal guardians must meet both the eligibility and need requirements of the program. Need criteria included: employed, in school, in a job training program, parental incapacity, homelessness, written referral from a legal, medical or social services agency or emergency shelter for child protective services. The admission priorities are as follows:

First Priority: Child Protective Services children shall be admitted first. Within this priority, children receiving protective services through the county welfare department shall be admitted first.

Second Priority: All children and families who are not within the first priority for admission shall be admitted in accordance with family income, with the lowest per capita income admitted first.

State Preschool Program

To be eligible for the State Preschool Program, a child’s parents or legal guardian must be Alameda residents. The admission priorities are as follows:

First Priority: Child Protective Services children. Families with the lowest adjusted monthly income shall be admitted first.

Second Priority: Eligible four-year-old children prior to three-year-old children. Within these groups

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